QualiPV BAT Photovoltaic Panel Installation



Install rooftop photovoltaic panels in individual housing in line with the objectives of the "Reconnu Grenelle Environnement" charter.

- Acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to install grid-connected photovoltaic systems on roofs, so as to be able to carry out installations in accordance with the state of the art.

- Understanding the electrical hazards specific to photovoltaic solar energy

- Successfully integrating photovoltaic modules into buildings

- Acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to install photovoltaic systems on roofs

Target audience & Prerequisites

Employees (installers, technicians, etc.) or company managers in the roofing, waterproofing or photovoltaic construction sectors
integrated into the building.

Qualifying" course.

Compulsory prerequisites: The trainee must be familiar with roofing, waterproofing and the conditions and prevention of risks associated with working at height.

French language skills

Conditions of access

Information and pre-registration by phone at 0477505102. 

Sessions 2023

Duration: 3 days (21 hours)
Session 1: June 12 13 14, 2023
Session 2: November 23 24 27, 2023

On-site training in Sury le Comtal 42450

Training accessible to people with disabilities after a feasibility study of the necessary accommodations.
Handicap Referent Mrs CHIPIER 0477505100

Duration and cost of the training *

  • Duration: 21 hours at the training center
  • Cost: €1150 net of tax

Attested Competencies:

Know the electrical hazards specific to photovoltaic solar energy
Successfully integrate photovoltaic modules into buildings
Acquire theoretical and practical knowledge for roof-mounting photovoltaic systems

Pedagogical and technical means :

Training is provided by a Qualit'EnR-approved trainer on the training center's premises.

Evaluation methods

Qualifying training Subject to passing an eliminatory MCQ (minimum grade 24/30).
Validation of the practice during the training

Links with other professional certifications

Qualit'EnR training


Performance indicators

2022 first pass rate 94% for 22 trainees

Training content :

The solar market and potential
- The solar photovoltaic market
(global, European, French)
- The potential and influence of
solar energy

Photovoltaic components & systems
- Photovoltaic effect; cell and module
- Coupling of modules
- The different photovoltaic systems

Photovoltaic generators connected to

- Operating principle
- Specific components

Personal & property protection


Setting up photovoltaic systems
- Overview of the different types of installation

- Conditions for the building integration premium

Installation procedure
- Prevention plan
- Integration of photovoltaic modules
on tiled roofs
- Module wiring procedure
Safety and working on roofs
- Prevention plan
- Safety and access techniques and
working on roofs

Installation of integrated photovoltaic modules

- Installation of modules, structures and
waterproofing systems

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