QUALIPV Electricity


To carry out the installation and the connection to the network of photovoltaic electricity production system in conformity with the charter "recognized Grenelle Environment".

Acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge to mount photovoltaic systems on roofs in order to :


  • Validate the feasibility of the project
  • To be able to recommend the system adapted to the customer's needs
  • To be able to carry out the installations in the rules of the art

Target audience & Prerequisites

  • Installers, electricians, roofers, craftsmen, business owners.
  • Qualifying course : basic skills in low voltage electricity, knowledge of roofing and zinc work, knowledge of rules for working at height.

Attested Competencies:

- Cells, modules and photovoltaic systems
- Grid-connected PV systems (architecture, components, performance)
- Technical conditions for grid connection
- Technologies for integrating PV into buildings
- Procedure for carrying out an operation (sizing, quotation, administrative procedures)
- Economic aspects

- Protection of persons and property
- Work at height

- Prevention plan
- Intervention procedure (installation, operation and maintenance)

- Work at height: exercises on a sloped roof with the use of I.P.E.
- Installation of photovoltaic modules on a sloped tile roof
- Checking the electrical operation of a 2.1 kW PV installation connected to the grid
- Fault simulations
- Monitoring: analysis of measurement data
- Measurement of the electrical characteristics of photovoltaic modules of different technologies and under different conditions (impact of parameters related to the site: slope, orientation, mask, ...

Duration and cost of the training

3 days of training (21h)

998 euros net of tax per trainee (subject to the constitution of a group of 5 to 12 people)

Indicators of success:

  • Successful completion of previous year 90,90% 90,90%
  • Continued studies NC% OF STUDENTS NC% OF STUDENTS
  • Break in course NC% NC% NC% NC% NC% NC% NC% NC% NC% NC% NC% NC% NC% OF THE TOTAL
  • Integration into the workforce NC% OF STUDENTS NC% OF STUDENTS

Evaluation methods

  • Qualifying training subject to passing an eliminatory MCQ (minimum score 24/30)
  • Validation of the practice during the training

Pedagogical and technical means :

Qualit'EnR approved specialist trainers

Qualit'EnR approved technical platform

Opportunities, professions, jobs

Sectors of activity :

- Manufacture of goods in metallurgy, food processing, pharmaceuticals, plastics, automotive, chemicals

- Power generation

- Transport of people

- Services

- Distribution logistics and large-scale distribution

Type of jobs available:

- industrial maintenance technician

- industrial maintenance electromechanic

- industrial maintenance electrician or mechanic

- industrial equipment commissioning technician

Monitoring arrangements:

The course is based on teaching methods centered on individualization.

We choose a pedagogical strategy that aims to :

To individualize the courses by proposing to each person a personalized course,
To develop autonomy by making our trainees actors of their learning,
To develop the technological culture, by integrating all the components, including those in connection with the safety on the workstation,
To develop attitudes, methods and professional rigour.
The course phases and individualized case studies are validated by the referent trainer through collaborative work in small groups.
The practical work phases are evaluated individually by the referent trainer who records the results in a portfolio of skills.
Supervised time on TD and practical work is also provided to prepare for the title
. A computer room is available for the constitution of the internship report and activity report in the company), necessary for the passage of the CAP MV.

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