Complementary mention to the CAP Maintenance of Automotive Embedded Systems| rncp2807
1 year in a school

The complementary mention is a diploma of the Ministry of National Education. 

The holder of this vocational training certificate (MC) works, depending on the specialty he/she has chosen, in the field of private vehicles, industrial vehicles or motorcycles. He/she welcomes customers and is responsible for the control, diagnosis, maintenance and return of vehicles.

This professional performs periodic maintenance operations on recent technology vehicles. He/she performs simple diagnoses and adjustments, resets and reconfigures on-board electronic and computer systems. In addition, he/she is required to communicate with customers and with his/her hierarchy.

The graduate can work in a maintenance company belonging to a manufacturer's network or working on vehicles of all makes, or in the maintenance department of a transport or vehicle rental company.

Target audience & Prerequisites

The complementary mention is a one-year specialization, which can be done after a two-year professional training in the field of maintenance: either a CAP (vocational training certificate) or a CQP (certificate of professional qualification).


Program :

The contents and pedagogical objectives are in accordance with the National Education referential.

  • Functional and structural analysis,
  • Management of automated systems,
  • Technical functions: motorization, transmission, ground connection, braking, comfort and safety,
  • Quality,
  • Customer service,
  • Prevention of occupational risks.

Duration and cost of the training

Initial training :

  • Duration: 1 year │ 490 hours of training per year

Duration and alternation are indicative and can be adjusted according to the company's needs and the learner's prerequisites.

Conditions of access

Admission after studying the application and interview.

The training is available throughout the school year subject to a study of the academic file.

Training accessible to people with disabilities after a personalized study of the necessary accommodations.

Training is also available in a modified and/or lighter course for holders of an equivalent diploma in another specialty.

Monitoring arrangements:

The course is based on teaching methods centered on individualization.

We choose a pedagogical strategy that aims to :

To individualize the courses by proposing to each person a personalized course,
To develop autonomy by making our trainees actors of their learning,
To develop the technological culture, by integrating all the components, including those related to the safety on the workstation,
To develop attitudes, methods and professional rigor.
Course phases and individualized case studies are validated by the referent trainer through collaborative work in small groups.
The practical phases are evaluated individually by the referent trainer who records the results in a portfolio of skills.
Supervised times on TD and TP are also provided to prepare the title.
A computer room is available for the constitution of the internship and activity report in the company), necessary for the passage of the diploma.

Evaluation methods

Learning is measured throughout the course and a skills log is written.

The evaluation of satisfaction is carried out at the end of the course

The diploma is validated by passing the "Mention complémentaire" exams at the end of the year.

Pedagogical and technical means :

The training takes place in our technical workshops dedicated to the automotive industry.

Provision of pedagogical documents, case studies, role plays, practical work

Theoretical courses take place in unmarked rooms. Professional software of automobile maintenance: workshop doc, workshop costing...
The professional subjects take place on technical platforms (workshops) equipped with material and tools specific to the maintenance of vehicles (lifting devices such as scissor bridges, toolboxes, air extractor, jacks, tire changers, balancing machines, diagnostic tools - (KTS BOSH/CLIPS RENAULT/DMS PEUGEOT), devices of geometry of the front train.

A computer room equipped with 14 PCs is available for technological research.

A "classic" classroom is also used when necessary.

Opportunities, professions, jobs

Sectors of activity :

The holder of the CAP and MC MSEA carries out his service activity in all sectors of passenger car maintenance


Type of jobs available:

car mechanic, garage owner, technical controller, tuner


Further study:

The complementary mention Maintenance of on-board systems, option for private vehicles allows direct access to employment.

It is also possible to pursue studies towards a professional baccalaureate, another complementary mention or a certificate of professional qualification (CQP).

Professional practice or further studies will allow you to move on to other professions.

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