CQP Expert Motorcycle After-Sales Technician (TEAVM)
14 months of work-study training | RNCP 19248


The Sainte Claire high school joins Viltaïs for the competition module and thus "Motorteam formation" is born,

After a theoretical time at the Sainte-Claire high school, our young CQP will benefit from a practical part animated by Viltaïs Racing Division, motorcycle recognized by all with its famous number 333.

The alternating students improve their skills throughout the season with Viltaïs 333 teams in international competitions. Some examples of races for this year 2022: 24h of Le Mans (France), 24h of SPA (Belgium), Suzuka (Japan), Bol d'Or (France), Spain ...

Job opportunities:

Mechanics specialized in motorcycle racing (speed, endurance, enduro,...) but also in motor sports as a whole.

The Expert Motorcycle After-Sales Technician carries out technical, organizational and management activities relating to vehicle maintenance.
As regards technical activities, he/she carries out all preventive and corrective maintenance operations on vehicles concerning :
thermal engines and peripheral equipment
- mechanical assemblies
- electrical, electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic and optical systems ensuring the driving, the comfort and the safety of the vehicle
- the fitting of accessories on vehicles
- the control and interventions on the cycle part
The maintenance operations mentioned above require the mastery of procedures and the identification of approaches relating to: the establishment of diagnoses, the implementation of controls, adjustments and tests. They also imply the ability to interpret physical quantities as well as the mastery of the use of the equipment and the modes of diagnosis and control, including remotely.

Within the framework of these activities, he/she is also responsible for the organization and management of maintenance:
. Organization of the maintenance :
-the relation with the services of the manufacturer and/or the equipment manufacturer : reception / transmission of information of a technical nature
-the update and the classification of the technical documentation
-the planning of the intervention
-the arrangement and the maintenance of the work station and the tools
-the application of the quality procedures in force in the company
-the assignment, the follow-up and the control of the activities entrusted to the collaborators

. Maintenance management:
- the establishment of any useful workshop document
- the establishment of estimates, O.R.
- the reception of customers and return of vehicles
- and formulates the technical advice and use with customers.

. Technical training function :
- the realization of technical training actions for the S.A.V. employees
- the participation in the elaboration of the company's training plan
- the tutoring of young people in alternating training
- the technical support to the S.A.V. employees

Target audience & Prerequisites

  • Young person under 30 years old
  • Employee
  • Employee in retraining
  • Job seeker

Holder of one of the criteria:

BAC PRO MVA option C


Program :

Technical activities:
- Preventive and collective maintenance
- Installation of accessories on vehicle
- Establishment of diagnoses
- Implementation of controls, adjustments and tests
Organization and management of maintenance:
- Organization of maintenance
- Management of maintenance
- Technical training function
Particularities of the expert technician after-sales motorcycles

Duration and cost of the training *

  • 938 hours of training under a professionalization contract
  • Work-study: variable according to the seasonality of the profession
  • Cost: 7975€ paid by the OPCO. Remainder to be paid by the student : 0€.

Duration and alternation are indicative and can be adjusted according to the company's needs and the learner's prerequisites.

Opportunities, professions, jobs

Sectors of activity :

The job is most frequently carried out in SMEs which carry out motorcycle maintenance work on a permanent basis.

Type of jobs available:

Motorcycle after-sales technician

Further study:


Evaluation methods

Learning is measured by theoretical and practical CCFs throughout the training course and a follow-up booklet is written.

The final evaluation is a theoretical and practical examination carried out at the end of the second year.

Each block of competence is certifying and gives rise to an evaluation and validation. The obtaining of all the blocks allows to obtain the CQP

Pedagogical and technical means :

The training takes place in our technical workshops dedicated to the motorcycle industry.

Provision of pedagogical documents, case studies, role plays and practical work.

Theoretical courses take place in unmarked rooms.

Professional software for automotive maintenance : Doc workshop, costing workshop...

The professional subjects take place on technical platforms (workshops) equipped with equipment and tools specific to vehicle maintenance (lifting devices such as scissor lifts, tool boxes, air extractors, rolling jacks, tire changers, balancing machines, diagnostic tools, front axle geometry devices.

A computer room equipped with 14 PCs is available for technological research.

A "classic" classroom is also used when necessary.

Conditions of access

Admission after individual interview, validation of pre-requisites and study of financing possibilities.

The training is available throughout the school year subject to a study of the academic file.

Training accessible to people with disabilities after a personalized study of the necessary accommodations.

Training is also available in a modified and/or lighter course for holders of an equivalent diploma in another specialty.

Indicators of success:

Number of participants 8
Passes Exam 6
Chess Exam
Abandonments during the course of the journey 2
Integration into the workforce upon graduation 8

Find all the indicators of our training courses on the INSERJEUNES website

Based in Sury-le-Comtal, in the heart of the Forez plain and an employment area in line with the training courses offered, the CFA Sainte-Claire is easily accessible from all over the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region thanks to the important interurban transport network of the Loire.

You will follow your training in the heart of 4500m² of technical platforms for professional teaching, the CFA also has a boarding school of 84 places which can welcome young people coming from all over France and a catering service morning-morning-evening of self-service type and cafeteria.

Monitoring arrangements:

The course is based on teaching methods centered on individualization.

We choose a pedagogical strategy that aims to :


  • To individualize courses by offering each person a personalized course,
  • To develop autonomy by making our trainees actors of their learning,
  • Develop a technological culture, integrating all components, including those related to safety at the workstation,
  • Develop professional attitudes, methods and rigor.
  • Individualized course phases and case studies are validated by the referent trainer through collaborative work in small groups.
  • The practical phases are evaluated individually by the referent trainer who records the results in a portfolio of skills.
  • Supervised times on TD and TP are also planned to prepare the title
  • A computer room is available for the creation of the internship and activity report in the company), necessary for the CQP.
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