QualiPV Heat Pump



Develop a heating project for a single-family home using a heat pump

To recommend a solution adapted to a specification

Implement equipment installation steps

Target audience & Prerequisites

Installers, heating engineers, plumbers, electricians, project managers, design office staff, electricians...

Qualifying" course.

Mandatory prerequisites :

Basic electrical engineering.
Basic HVAC engineering.

French language skills

Conditions of access

Information and pre-registration by phone at 0477505102. 

Sessions 2023

Duration: 5 days (35 hours)
Session 1: October 23 to 27, 2023
Session 2: December 14 15 21 22, 2023

On-site training in Sury le Comtal 42450

Training accessible to people with disabilities after a feasibility study of the necessary accommodations.
Handicap Referent Mrs CHIPIER 0477505100

Duration and cost of the training *

  • Duration: 35 hours at the training center
  • Cost: €1490 net of tax

Attested Competencies:

Be familiar with the electrical hazards specific to heat pumps
Acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to install heat pumps

Pedagogical and technical means :

Training is provided by a Qualit'EnR-approved trainer on the training center's premises.

Evaluation methods

Qualifying training Subject to passing an eliminatory MCQ at the end of training.
Validation of the practice during the training

Links with other professional certifications

Qualit'EnR training


Performance indicators

2022 first pass rate 94% for 18 trainees

Training content :

General information, heat pumps and the environment
- Market
- Technical information
- Operating principle of a
heat pump
- Environmental importance of
heat pumps
- Building and energy performance

1. How it works
- Technical characteristics of the
heat pump cycle
- Heat distribution and integration
of the hydronic system
- Heat sources 1/2
- Operating and control modes

2. Setting up
- Assessing a site
- Installation and commissioning
- Electrical basics
- Handover and warranty

3. Care and maintenance
- Maintenance
- Common errors and practical experience
- Practical work
4. Evaluation

The "plus" in training

RGE-accredited training, subject to passing the QCM questionnaire drawn up by Qualit'EnR.
A 5-day training course lasting 28 hours of theory and 5 hours of practice, plus a 2-hour examination at the end of the course.

Teaching aids & documentation:
Theoretical input and feedback
Course material
Qualit'EnR-approved technical platform

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