Transportation information

Regular lines :

St. Claire High School is served by:

- the regular line Saint Etienne / Montbrison Car Région Loire L11
( )

- the regular line Saint Galmier/Sury C2( )

- school lines :

Transport 2TMC

  • Chevrières/Chazelles sur Lyon/Sury le Comtal: line 304011
  • Bellegarde en Forez/Sury le Comtal via Montrond les Bains SNCF station: line 304013

Transports Sessiecq

  • St Bonnet le Château/Montbrison: line 14740
  • St Marcellin en forez/Montbrison: line 14742

To help you find your way:

Registration procedures differ depending on the municipality in which you live.

Saint-Etienne Métropole :

Saint-Étienne Métropole will subsidize the transportation of day students and ½ boarders only if:

- the requested training does not exist in the Saint-Étienne Métropole area

- or if your child has been refused admission to an institution offering this training in Saint-Étienne Métropole.

Registration forms can be downloaded from in June, or are available at the school office.

If you do not meet the criteria, you can, depending on your case

- subscribe directly to the TIL for the use of a regular line,

- apply to the Loire Department for a "public access" pass for the use of school services. (Consult the school transport guide on

Assistance with private car transportation may be available if you reside in one of the following communities:

Aboën, Caloire, Chagnon, Châteauneuf, Dargoire, Doizieux, La Gimond, La Terrasse sur Dorlay, La Valla en Gier, Pavezin, Rozier Côtes d'Aurec, Sainte Croix en Jarez, Saint Maurice en Gourgois, Saint Nizier de Fornas, Saint Romain en Jarez, Tartaras

The form is to be collected from the secretariat at the beginning of the school year.

Rhône (+Loire communes of the CCMDL) :

Day and half boarders must register at

Two types of aid (which cannot be combined) may be granted: mileage allowance or boarding school allowance. Applications can be made online at

All the info here:

Municipalities of the Loire Department (except SEM, Roannais, CCMDL) :

Registrations are open since May 15 on

  • Day students or ½ boarders using an SNCF line will have to subscribe on the site and collect an ASR SNCF bundle from the secretariat.
  • Boarding students can only subscribe if a school bus line covering all or part of their journey exists. They cannot subscribe to a regular line.

Please note: as of August 1st, the cost of the subscription will be increased by 30€.

The Department's assistance

The Loire Department grants two types of assistance, without means testing:

  • Subsidy for private cars if you travel more than 3 km daily to get there
  • Assistance for boarding students (cannot be combined with the school bus pass)

The files will be collected at the secretariat at the beginning of the school year.

Good to know: students registered on a school transport can benefit from the "Pass Réseau TIL" at 5€ on request from a commercial agency of the network.

More info:

Other Departments :

To find out what assistance is available depending on where you live, please visit your department's website.

- If you have to take the train: you have to subscribe directly to the SNCF.

- If you use a regular Car Région Loire line: single tickets can be purchased from the driver.

- If you need to use a school line of the Loire: Tickets can be purchased directly from the driver.

The access to the school lines being reserved in priority to the subscribers, we advise you to inform the carrier if the use of this line is regular. (for example every Monday morning, every Friday at noon...)